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Updated 7/4/2009
How do I sign up?
• Our reseller program is structured into three levels: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Although you may choose any level, the Bronze level is the least expensive and offers easy, cost effective upgrades to the next two higher levels. The basic products that you will be starting out your sales campaign with are the same for all three levels. The difference in the cost for each of these levels is for the quantity of products for each level as well as the marketing support you will receive from us.

• Sign up is easy and only takes a few moments of your time. You simply fill out our submission form. There is no cost or obligation to you at this stage. After we review your submission, we will set up a time that is convenient so that we can call you to discuss this opportunity. We want to confirm that we are a good match for each other.

• If all is acceptable, then we will send you to a password protected page to complete the sign up process. Essentially, you will be paying 1/2 down and 1/2 upon acceptance of our reseller product package that we will deliver to you. If you decide not to continue after we ship your reseller package, then you would arrange with us to return the package for a partial refund.

What are the expectations?
• We know that most people do not enter into business relationships lightly, so some forethought on your part is necessary. We encourage you to browse our website and get a feel for our products. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to call our toll-free number. Ask for an reseller support person. If one is not currently available, we will schedule a time to call you back.

• Our expectations for our resellers is to succeed to the best of their individual ability. You can take on the sales challenge with confidence, knowing that we are there to provide support in any way possible. Our mission is to provide our customers with products that will bring lasting value. We take pride in every facet of the publishing process, and offer a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you and your clients to be completely satisfied.

• Your sales goals are up to you. The rewards, financial or otherwise, will be a reflection of the effort you place into sales and marketing. We can assist you with phases of both endeavors, but the sales work is in your hands. Your time is your own, so there are no minimum hours that are required. Finding buyers for our products can be via phone, fax, web, email, etc. We feel strongly though, that on site visits, scheduled appointments or any other type of in-person selling is the most effective way of establishing a loyal client base. The quality of the relationships that you establish will propel you to a bright and productive future. You will find that word-of-mouth will be a very powerful force that grows in significance over time.

Is there a long term commitment?
• The agreement form which we have you sign as an reseller does not include any length of time parameter. This agreement details our arrangement for you to work as an independent contractor with us. Your compensation and other expectations are detailed. This agreement is a good faith document for both parties to perform upon agreed upon activities. Yours being primarily sales and ours being fulfillment. This agreement is cancellable at any time if one of the parties does not perform up to agreed upon standards.

How soon can I get started?
• Once all of the preliminary agreements are in place we can ship your reseller package within 10 business days. The products we ship to you are actual retail products you can sell or use for discussion. Customized products will be sent as samples for your sales demonstrations. In any case, refills or specific orders can be shipped within 1 to 2 weeks, depending upon the type of product that is purchased.

Which products are for resellers?
• Take a look at the 3-page Reseller PDF document that we have prepared for you. The starting package for each level is detailed there. These are the base products that we feel will allow you to gain a wide acceptance to a variety of clients. However, if you gain a measure of success with this startup package, then virtually any of the products we have now on our website will become an option for you. There will always be room for you to add to your product list.

How is the money collected for the sale?
• You will use special reseller order forms that are coded for your use only. When you make the sale, you will either collect credit card information or a check for the amount payable to Leaping Antelope Productions. We are responsible for clearing the funds via our own merchant provider.

How am I paid for the sales?
• Once the funds are collected by us, the publisher, and the order is shipped and received by either you or your client, we will forward a check for your commission within 30 days. This 30 day period is necessary in case of returns, etc. We guarantee the quality of all of our products so we allow for returns only if the product has been damaged in transit. All sales are considered final.

What regions of the country are available?
• We are open to doing business in the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Currently the are no overlapping area restrictions for new resellers to represent. We do not place restrictions on geographic areas for sales, especially with the far-reaching influence of the internet.

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