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About Brownie Macintosh...

A veteran performer since 1965, Brownie has been doing children's entertainment for over 20 years. He has composed songs for the Kingston Trio, The Irish Rovers, Atlantic Music Corp, Cherry Lane/Cherry River Music Corp, Nova, (PBS) and many others on an international level. He has appeared on stage with Jay Leno, Thedore Bikel, The Kingston Trio, Pure Prairie League, Doc Watson, Eric Weissberg (The Dueling Banjos) and countless others.

Brownie Macintosh
About Sally Marts...

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Sally Marts has never considered any career other than design and illustration.

After receiving a BFA at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, she realized rather quickly that a Fine Arts Degree was not enough to gain entry into the commercial art field so she attended Burnley School of Commercial Art. [more]

Sally Marts
About Crista Kathleen McGinley...

Crista is a graduate of the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida. She is an illustrator and the founder of Crista Kathleen Studio, specializing in illustrating children’s products and well-loved books. She shares her studio with her kitties, Powder and Tucson. [more]

Crista Kathleen McGinley
About Anuradha Palnitkar...

Anuradha Palnitkar is the author of Around the World With Vegetarian Sandwiches and Wraps.

Anuradha is an expert on vegetarian cooking. The taste-tempting, easy-to-make recipes in this collection are based on her 15 years experience cooking ethnic foods from all over the globe including Italian, Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Greek, Indian, Persian, Mexican and American delicacies. [more]

Anuradha Palnitkar
About Laura Schiller...

Laura has always been drawn to drawing. After considering a career as rodeo clown, rocket scientist and inner-city bike messenger, she soon decided that illustration is what makes her happiest.

She takes great pleasure in creating whimsical characters that add that “little something extra” to the written word. “I truly believe the more seriously a character sees himself, the more ridiculously he should be portrayed.” For Laura, this often means elongating an occasional nose, overdoing a foolish costume, and/or adding an imaginative (and oversized) hairdo. [more]

Laura Schiller Biography
Artist About Voranun Harnprasert...

My love of drawing started when I was a little girl growing up in Bangkok, Thailand. I was fascinated by the drawings in comic books that my aunt would bring during her visits to my home. I started at the age of 6 to create drawings and improve on my own. At 16, I started to show my artwork online to get feedback to improve my work. Also, in that same year I attended my school’s book fair and met a publisher. I shared my portfolio with the directors of the company and they gave me advice on how to improve my skills and how to become a great illustrator. [more]

Voranun Harnprasert Biography
About William Addison...

Born in New York, William moved to California with his family when
he was shorter than your average 5 iron. This, shortness, seen as a
fundamental flaw by virtually every sports coach during his formative
years, is what propelled him headlong into golf. During his adolescent
years he occasionally absconded with his fathers' golf clubs and snuck
in numerous rounds at the local pitch-and-putt. “I can actually hit the
ball without feeling a sense of inferiority! Short people can do this too!”
he stated. He felt something special, reassuring, and familiar out there
on the golf course. Like he'd been there before. [more]

William Addison Biography
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