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Tips from the Rough
A dedicated golfer observers pros and amateurs with envy, admiration
and a little disdain.
by William Addison

This Kindle book brings humor to just about any situation you have faced on the golf course... and even some bizarre situations that you probably have not yet encountered,

WIliam reveals some new magical formulas that will inspire you to achieve results that you never dreamed possible. How? The answer is easy, but you have to let your imagination run wild. (At least while you're reading the book)!

Each of the chapters will give you insight into:

1) The view from outside the ropes.

2) Work on your mental game, i.e. your focus.

3) Do I really need all of these stats?

4) During the heat of battle... run for cover.

5) Home on the range... you’re to scared to actually go out on the golf course.

6) Putting it all together... actually picking up the pieces.

7) In Conclusion... did anyone get a concussion?

Size: Kindle 2.0
105 pages
Kindle format
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If you've ever played golf seriously for any length of time, or have even just recently taken up the challenge, then you should easily be able to identify with the bizarre and downright baffling situations that you will find here in William Addison’s book, Tips from the Rough. Could this be a mirror of your golf game? Only time will tell. Whether or not you ever admit it to anyone else is your choice!

When you strap on those spikes and head out onto the course, rest assured that the humorous medicine found here should keep you free from any further doctor visits about your game. After reading these series of vignettes that take you from breaking windows to teaching the ball a new language, you will soon come to realize that you might be in for a wild ride as long as you own and/or attempt to use a set of golf clubs for the express purpose of actually striking a golf ball.
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