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Every day across the US, over 3 million secretaries, administrative assistants, marketing managers and product managers are asked by their managers to oversee and purchase design and printing services.

A quick two-hour read of Alleviating Prepress Anxiety will help the purchasing novice make more astute decisions. These educated choices will translate into quality design and printing as well as cost savings. It is our mission to help empower corporate administrators to manage their time and resources at a more professional level. We feel that readers retain more of what they read when reading is entertaining as well as educational.

ISBN: 0-9659222-8-6
Author: Ann Goodheart
Pub Date: 4/2000
Price: $14.95
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Alleviating Prepress Anxiety
by Ann Goodheart

Are you an office professional who coordinates design and print projects several times a year? Are you a budding desktop designer or self publisher? Are you a writer interested in self promotion? Are you a web designer who wants to expand into design for print? If so, our information-packed guidebook to desktop design and print is a must-have reference tool that you’ll read and refer to time and time again. You’ll learn the terminology and techniques needed to create effective marketing pieces.

Alleviating Prepress Anxiety: How to Manage Your Print Projects for Savings, Schedule and Quality teaches you how to save money, time and stress when coordinating design and print. It’s amazing how this inexpensive purchase—priced at only $14.95—can save you thousands of dollars a year in costly mistakes. Do you know the six top characteristics that escalate the cost of your print projects? Do you know the five criteria you should always consider when deciding whether you’ve selected the right printer for your job? Do you know the top planning strategies you can implement to ensure that your marketing pieces hit their intended targets? The author, Ann Goodheart, has 25 years of experience in design, printing and publishing and she’s written this guide so you can create publications with staying power.

And if you think that printing is passé, think again. Did you know that all the major internet companies are using direct mail printed pieces to build their businesses? Yes, that’s correct. Over the past month our publishing company has received direct mail pieces from Google, Yahoo, Hewlett Packard, Earthlink and many other major players in the internet industry.

Yes, it is ironic. Why would internet companies use print pieces? It’s because well-written, carefully-thought-out print pieces capture the attention of their readers and prompt those targeted consumers to come to their websites. Just like signs on the highway, print pieces are signposts that lead consumers to bricks and mortar locations as well as cyberspace destinations.

But you don’t have to be a large company to use print effectively. Even small businesses and consultants who have a very limited print budget can use design and print to build their client base. That’s why Alleviating Prepress Anxiety is such a valuable reference. This guide is not software or hardware specific. The book contains time- and money-saving techniques, planning tools and insider information that can be custom-tailored for any range of budget.

You might be surprised to learn that many people buy their business printing without thinking about how the quality of their brand is represented. And these days, your image has a lot to do with whether you attract your ideal customer or not. If you could spend the same amount of budget and get an exceptional presentation of your business and ideas versus a ho-hum treatment for the same amount of money, which would you choose? Alleviating Prepress Anxiety teaches you the standards to look for to ensure that you get the best value for your print and design dollars.

In fact, the publishers at Leaping Antelope Productions are so sure you and your business will benefit from your purchase of Alleviating Prepress Anxiety that they offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t save at least 10 times the cost of the book the first year you employ the book’s information to coordinate your design and print projects.

Need to know more? Read the book’s contents, sample pages and reviews from industry leaders to decide whether this book will be of service to you. And one last item...the author offers crystal clear explanations, examples, organized charts and case studies throughout the book to make the technical details fun and quick to learn.

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Alleviating Prepress Anxiety is a "must" for anyone venturing into desktop publishing for the first time, and has a wealth of practical, useful information for even the more seasoned publisher.

Midwest Book Review, The Bookwatch

Through "war stories," reference tables, trends to watch and an extensive glossary, a printing and publishing industry veteran provides battle plans on the idea-to-ink process.

Jane Erskine, Editor
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The Power of Custom Publishing
by Ann Goodheart
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