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Size: 10.0" by 10.0"
64 pages - Hardbound
50 Full-Color Illustrations
Price: $19.95
Pre-release edition
Available 2014

Chef Etouffee and the Great Gumbo Day
Illustrations by Laura Schiller
Story by Marilee Joy Mayfield

Chef Etouffee (pronounced A-2-Fay) and his staff of Henri, Cheri and Bernard have a sweet little bistro. It’s perfectly situated at the edge of town—just a short walk and you’re in the countryside. They even have their own garden patch. Ah, yes, the serenity of vegetables and herbs and flowers. Except...wait a minute...what is all that shouting?

Uh, oh! Chef Etouffee is having a terrible food preparation day...he has boiled his creme brulee and to make matters worse he’s deflated his signature souffle. His face is turning all blue...Oh no...what is he doing? He’s thrown his hat off and he’s kicking it...the customers are getting nervous... there’s an explosion of pots and pans and then the customers run screaming away.

And now Henri, Cheri, and Bernard have been left with a huge problem! A classical harpist and 25 guests are due at the bistro in a few short hours and thanks to the Chef’s temper tantrum there’s NO FOOD TODAY.

Written in loose flowing rhymes and illustrated with eccentric, whimsical characters by children’s character artist Laura Schiller, Chef Etouffee and The Great Gumbo Day is a story your whole family will enjoy. Is it a story about a chef who has a temper tantrum? Yes, but it’s also a story about ingenuity, entrepreneurship and the challenge of teamwork. Is it a story about a great gumbo? Yes, it is, but it’s also a story about the spices and ingredients of creativity.

At the end of this 64-page full-color book, there’s a glossary of pronunciation and terms as well as student activities for teachers and home schoolers.

Shown below are a few sample pages from this delightful book. Click on the links at the top of this page to see more...

We're sure you will want to read our author’s bio. Marilee Joy Mayfield has written six children's books and has quite a few more books planned...

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Chef Etouffee has had a huge tantrum today.

He's stormed out of his bistro in a big huff and left his staff without any food to serve! But his enterprising staff comes up with an idea that saves the day. Along the way, Bernard, Cheri and Henri learn how to count and how to count on each other. Written in flowing, loose rhymes, this great read-aloud story teaches the power of teamwork and entrepreneurship.

If you would like to read Laura Schiller's Bio...[Click Here].

Laura has created memorable characters for this story that reflect her highly individualistic drawing style. She has brought out the emotion in each and every scene... you just know what they're thinking. And as you read the story you will see just how ingenious their planning and teamwork needs to become to satisfy a cranky chef!

Sample book pages 2 & 3 • Pages >>> 1 | 2 | 3
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