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Item: DRWCD1
20 Cool Songs!
Price: $14.95

A special promotion...
Buy a CD and get the
Dr. Wilderness Amazing to Zany Animal Facts
poster absolutely free!
More info below.

If you have a slow internet connection click here
for smaller sound files.


It's as easy as 1-2-mp3! Yes, that's right. You've landed on the mp3 launch page. These song snippets are 20-30 seconds in length and are encoded to sound almost as good as the CD! You should have a superfast dialup connection or DSL so the songs won't take too long to download.

The main thing is to have fun!!

When you're done movin' and groovin' to these great sounds, we're sure you're going to want to have the CD.

And remember... we donate a portion of the proceeds of this sale to the Dr. Wilderness Show. Just imagine all the magic and joy he'll bring to all those lucky kids out there!

Now click on those CD tunes and get started...

To listen to any one of the 20 song snippets, just click on the song title.

For more interesting information, check out the Bio page we have assembled for Dr. Wilderness on our site...click here

You can link to the Dr. Wilderness site by clicking here.

Item: DRW028
Size: 21" x 30"
Price: $19.95
This is just one of three sizes we have of this fantastic poster.
Click here to purchase any size.

Original Artwork by
master artist
Randy Jennings

Kids, click on Dr. Wilderness below. Enter the user name kinkajou, and the secret password from the bottom of the poster. You'll find the
A to Z answers!

A portion of the proceeds from every sale of What in the World is a Kinkajou? goes to the Emmy-award-winning Dr. Wilderness Show, a non-profit company dedicated to planet Earth and kids everywhere! Dr. Wilderness and his friends are always on tour with their unique presentation—a blend of magic, music and electronic puppetry. To date, they have eduated and entertained with their fun, but serious, message of environmental responsibility in more than 45 countries! See more information about Dr. Wilderness and his current tour schedule at: www.DrWilderness.com.

A Special promotion... Buy a CD and get the 12"x18"
Dr. Wilderness Amazing to Zany Animal Facts poster
absolutely free. That's a $9.95 value!

Artwork and text copyright © Leaping Antelope Productions
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