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Every day across the US, over 3 million secretaries, administrative assistants, marketing managers and product managers are asked by their managers to oversee and purchase design and printing services.

A quick two-hour read of Alleviating Prepress Anxiety will help the purchasing novice make more astute decisions. These educated choices will translate into quality design and printing as well as cost savings. It is our mission to help empower corporate administrators to manage their time and resources at a more professional level. We feel that readers retain more of what they read when reading is entertaining as well as educational.

Do you have a book inside you?

An exploratory workshop for those considering self-publishing for happiness, money or fame

Ann Goodheart’s fun, educational 2-day, 10-hour workshop will leave you exploding with creative ideas for your new publishing venture.

You’ll explore the reasons you want to self-publish and then rewrite those reasons into a one-page mission statement. You’ll come up with a 6-month plan to accomplish your goals even if you haven’t written one word of your book yet!

You’ll learn 10 marketing ideas you can implement on a budget of less than $100.

You’ll come away with 5 ideas for making your book more saleable and for generating new products from your existing idea.

You’ll learn how to create an effective competitive analysis so you can position your book to win against the competition.

You’ll meet other writers who have a desire to self publish and share ideas and strategies in a supportive environment.

You’ll leave the workshop with an extensive list of resources to explore and your own copy of The Book Start-Up Manual—A Guide to Self-Publishing for Happiness, Money or Fame—a prototype of a new book Ann will be publishing with Leaping Antelope Productions in 2009-2010.

Ann Goodheart has over 25 years experience in the printing and publishing industries. Her career has encompassed many facets of communication—teaching, copyediting, developmental editing, writing, graphic design, marketing, sales training and commercial printing. Over the last sixteen years she has assisted many types of clients, from small businesses to high-tech startups, to realize their dreams in print. She is the author of Alleviating Prepress Anxiety: How to Manage Your Print Projects for Savings, Schedule and Quality published by Leaping Antelope Productions—a top seller in the prepress and self publishing categories on Amazon.com.

Date: TBA
Leaping Antelope Productions headquarters,
922 San Leandro Ave. Suite C, Mountain View, CA 94043
Registration Fee: $150 per person, includes box lunch and a copy of The Book Start-Up Manual—A Guide to Self-Publishing for Happiness, Money or Fame

Enrollment limited to 5 attendees.
New Seminar Date & Time TBA)

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Limited Time Offer!

When you purchase 1 copy of: Alleviating Prepress Anxiety we will include a free ink chip chart. This valuable color guide has dozens of color combinations and by itself, is a $7.95 value!

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